Shopping Day

Oh, how I dread my shopping day. Once a month I have a shopping day, it’s a fun day for me filled with many stops and lists of things to buy, NOT!

I start off early in the week I get my sales flyers and create lists of all the buy one get on free’s, the best meat and produce deals and try and match them up with coupons if I have any. I am in NO WAY an extreme couponer but I do like to save wherever possible. I only use coupons on stuff I use or may need.  I stock up to avoid having to shop every few days so I shop for the month and send the hubby for produce and dairy as we run out.

Today was not only a grocery day but school supply day too. I already bought Gabriel and Elyas most of there supplies (elementary shopping is easy) but I have to wait for Arturo and Emily because in middle and high school each teacher has there own supply list. So, I try and stock up on basic supplies because by the time they get there lists the school supplies are usually back up to regular price.

My first stop was the cuban bakery for some much needed cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and a guava and cheese pastry to start off my expedition. With my hubby, Sophie and Tristan; we were off..

Next was Office Depot where they had binders and 3 pack erasers for 50¢ each, 4oz bottle of glue for 1¢ and 5 pack Sharpies for 99¢ along with many more items. We spent $6 and walked out with four bags full of stuff, not bad…

My third stop was at Walgreens. Hubby stayed in the car and actually picked up and dropped off some meds for Sophie through the drive through while I ventured in with my coupons. I spent a whopping $13 and walked out with 9¢ pocket folders, 39¢ cap erasers, mechanical pencils & dividers, 49¢ composition books, 29¢ papermate pens and a few other items. Again not bad the total without the sale and coupons would have been $30.

My fourth stop was BJ’s, I have a Costco membership (my hubby likes Costco) but I like BJ’s better and they take coupons. I mean you can use their coupons and manufacturers coupons together, awesome!

I then took a break in the car to feed babies then off to Toy’s R us to cash in a gift card I was given for Tristan. I was going to buy diapers but they were ridiculously expensive so I bought Sophie a shopping cart and baby doll stroller. The shopping cart was a suggestion from her PT until we get her walker and the stroller she had a blast the other day at my aunts house pushing Tristan around in a baby stroller, as you can see in the pics she was walking quite nice. So I decided she needed one.

Next I ran into Publix for a few buy one get one free’s, like the Marie Calendar chicken pot pie 4pks (that’s my only quick lunch) I always have some for those busy days. And lets not forget my mango jelly that I can only find there; I need it for my bagels. As if I was not already stressed because Tristan is a spoiled brat (but I love it) he does not want to be in his carseat at all and hubby finds it to stressful to load and unload the babies so if I only need a few items he hangs out in the car with them. And when I was checking out their coupon system was giving them problems so I had to wait for a manager, it took about 8 minutes to check out ten items. I was already pooped!

We went home to unload my wonderful 2004 Honda which carries us so well and have lunch. By that time Sophie needed to swing a bit she was fiesty. Once we unloaded and had lunch it started pouring like crazy so hubby decided to stay home with the babies and I waited.  After a few hours I ventured back out to finish my shopping. I made a stop at Winn Dixie and spent $120 and walked out with LOTS of meat. I saw my friend there and stole a while to chat with her, before I knew it I got a call to come home and nurse Tristan. So that I did and back out I went. It’s a good thing the last few stops are close to home.

My last and final stop for the day was Neighborhood Walmart for the rest of the groceries. After two hours I was on my way home. It was 9:45 pm, when I got home, by the time we finished putting it all away and eating dinner it was almost  11pm, whew, what a day. I spent $750 and this is what I get. A storage freezer jam packed, a fridge and freezer you can barely see the light in and a pantry stocked to the top. This is not including the stash of cereal and snacks like fiber one bars I have in my closet.

If I shop every week I spend an additional $300-500 more a month. This is how I try to  save $$ to feed my family to the best of my ability. Just as we run bare I’m desperate to stock up again but I’m so relieved I don’t have to do it again until the following month. Until next month, “Shopping Day”.


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