Boy am I lucky!

Ten days ago some thing happened. An event that could have changed my life forever.

The kids were sitting in the living room watching TV while having lunch, Tristan was in his bouncy seat strapped in nice and snug and I placed him on the ottoman right in front of Emily and Elyas while I had my back turned to fold the laundry. My eldest was sleeping, Gabriel was playing video games and Sophie was wandering the floor as usual.  When I heard screaming “MOM, OMG, OMG!!” as I turned to look I see my precious little angel hanging upside down in his bouncer while Emily held on to the bottom rim on the opposite side.

I did not even think and grabbed him out of the bouncer in what seemed like a split second. Emily and Elyas were screaming, Elyas ran away crying while I grasped what had just happened. I took the baby to my room and remove all of his clothing as I examined his little body entirely. In the process it hit me, the reality of what had just happened. I started shaking and crying all I could say was “he didn’t hit the floor” over and over again until I caught my breath and called my husband. He seemed fine, he fell asleep shortly after but seemed totally fine. When I turned to get him he was not on the floor and no one saw him hit the floor so we assumed he did not get hurt. Apparently Elyas bumped the bouncer while walking passed the ottoman and it went over. A BIG accident.

He was a bit fussy but had just gotten his four month vaccines so I assumed it was from that. He did not pass out or vomit which are signs of a concussion. Nothing seemed off to us at all. Two days later while giving him a bath I notice a large egg shape bump on the left side of his head above his ear. I did not notice it before because of his hair but with his hair wet it was very visible. I softly slid my fingers across it when I felt a pop. That’s when I lost it! I started crying yelling for my husband to get a sitter because something was wrong and we had to leave for the hospital right away. And so, we did.

Immediately after arriving at the hospital a CT scan was performed. The doctors were very pleased at how he looked and was acting (like normal). The results were in; he had a fracture. But there was no bleeding and it was not deep enough to cause damage, thank God! I felt so guilty, I could not stop crying. The doctors kept assuring me it would be ok that accidents happen and not to beat myself up over it.

But me, I was horrified my precious baby was hurt and I was right there, it was my fault. What if it had been worse, that was all that kept running through my mind.

Since we are not sure how it happened they also did a full body panel and we were told we had to spend the night in a hospital with a neurosurgeon just to be safe. So while we waited to be transferred to another hospital the doctor came in to tell us they had to call DCF(Department of Children and Families), it’s mandatory with injuries of this type for babies.

So once transferred we waited and then they arrived. I was interrogated by two criminal investigators and a child protective investigator. I was more scared than nervous, I was honest and did not have anything to hide.  They then did the same with my husband and my aunt who was visiting us. That was followed by a home visit with my kids. They were not rude and I totally understand why they have to do this. We still don’t know how he hit his head a few of the nurses pointed out that the bouncer has a metal rim and since it’s fractured on the side of his head and he did fall sideways he could have bumped his head on the rim. That seems to be the best explanation because I cannot even imagine what would have happened had he hit my tile floor.

The following day we waited and waited and waited for the child protective doctor to come evaluate Tristan and give his approval for us to go home. I was so happy when he arrived. He stated that Tristan was very big and strong and developmentally moving along quite fast. That he was going to be just fine.

The nurses were having a blast with my happy little man, I just wanted this nightmare to be over. And I have learned my lesson, bouncy seats only belong on the floor!

Don’t ever take a few seconds for granted, it only takes a few seconds to change your life FOREVER. Boy am I lucky.


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