He’s not a baby anymore…


Today it hit me, Elyas is not a baby anymore!

He came home from school, washed his hands without me having to remind him and went straight into the kitchen and started making himself a PB&J sandwich.

Where did the time go, seriously!! My beautiful little boy. He is so sweet and caring and loves his siblings so much, especially, Gabriel. They can’t live with or without each other.

He always thinks of others especially while getting a snack. Never does a day go by that he does not give me a hug and kiss and says “Mommy, I love you!”

He was the baby before Sophie arrived in this family, it was a hard adjustment for a three year old little boy. The spotlight was not just his anymore and to top it off mammy barely had any spare time for the extra cuddles. But, he is such a kind hearted soul he gave the extra love and cuddles to his baby sister. That’s why she loves him so.

He is the only one out of my six children that resembles me, he is a total momma’s boy; but for how long?

He is smart, funny amazingly loving and really his own person. Always wanting to make his brother Gabriel happy, seriously! As I watch them play Lord of the rings using hangers as bows I realize how much alike they really are. And how lucky I am to have my boys!!

Born May 15, 2006 weighing in a 8 lbs 11 oz with tons of curly hair, he was perfect!! I had known through my whole pregnancy he was a boy when everyone else guessed a girl. I was six weeks pregnant when I saw the name Elyas, I called my husband and told him if this baby is a boy his name will be Elyas and so be that it was.  Always such a happy baby and that has not changed, not one bit.

From baby to toddler to little boy. I’ve watched my child grow and learn and he is becoming such a wonderful human being. I know having a special sister has and will help him become more caring, tolerant and humble.

I cherish these days and all of the wonderful years to come. I am proud to be his mother.

Elyas please, don’t grow up to fast!

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