I remember…I hope

I remember when we first met, the sparkle in  your eyes, I could tell you were crazy about me. I hope to one day see the sparkle back in your beautiful eyes.

I remember how excited and proud you were as you witnessed the birth of each of our children. I hope to see excitement in you once again.

I remember how proud you were when we bought our first home. I hope we have the opportunity to experience that feeling again.

I remember how desperately you wanted to help your mother to give her a better life. I hope I may  be able to forgive your mother one day, for your sake.

I remember how we used to stay up until all hours of the night and watch movies on the living room floor while the kids were sleeping, all those years ago. I hope we see those days again.

I remember how you used to wake up just to spend an hour talking in bed when I would get home after midnight from a longs days work. I hope to share those long conversations again.

I remember how I begged you to marry be for two years but you only did because my grandfather told you he wanted to see us married before he was gone. I hope you ask me to renew our vows again one day at a time when it comes from your heart.

I remember how happy you used to be, how you used to laugh all the time. I hope to see you laugh again the way you used to and see you full of happiness again .

I remember our old family days where we would do nothing but focus on the kids all day. I hope stress does not ruin the time we have with our children before our children are grown up.

I remember all the vacations we have taken. I hope to take many more.

I remember when your mother came to live with us and everything started to change. I hope we will get past it all.

I remember when you started to lose your patience and you no longer laughed as you always did. I have hope and pray for you everyday.

I remember the day I did not recognize my best friend. I hope you will come back to me someday.

I remember when you left..I never thought you would. I remember how angry I was with you. I hope I could wholeheartedly forgive you for this one day.

I remember when I realized how strong I really was when I was alone with four children. I hope you know I needed this to help me see how far I’ve come.

I remember the day I asked you to come back home. I hope you know how much I missed you.

I remember the emptiness in your eyes when we lost it all. I hope this will not be a permanent look for you.

I remember the pain that was so obvious when our special child was born. I hope you share your feelings with me and not hide them all the time.

I remember the days that we’ve tried so very hard to rebuild what we once had. I hope not to rebuild, I hope to start fresh for a new beginning.

I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you see no matter what life throws at us as long as we stay united we can beat it. Just look how much we have overcome. Quoted by a friend “I don’t know how you have managed to stay together with all you have been thru in the last five years, but the fact your making it work as hard as it’s been it amazing!”.

I pray for us everyday..I remember and have hope my faith in God and his guidance helps me look forward to the days to come. Don’t let life pass us by, I have enough hope for the both of us.


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