Conquering oatmeal….

Many of us take don’t take the time to appreciate our day-to-day functions such as eating. All the muscles and coordination it takes to move the food around our mouths and then swallow it. How great it feels to be able to eat what we want when we feel like it. For my daughter though eating can be one of her biggest challenges.

From early on the reflux and choking or suffocating spells have horrified many who have witnessed them. The sensory issues and aversion to textures Sophie has had to overcome and learn to control the muscles and movements needed to learn to eat have been overwhelming. It’s one of my biggest wishes for her that she learn to eat.

Why would I wish that? Simple, Independence! I want my daughter to be able to one day eat independently, because I want her to be healthy and need to be not on Pediasure her whole life. For now it’s fine but long-term, I don’t want that for her. I know she has the potential and it will take time but I know she will master it.

For most of oatmeal as an easy  breakfast food, it’s healthy and oh so good with all the different flavors out there. But for my little girl oatmeal has been a huge challenge.  The oats make her gag and she starts to choke, but she could get so much fiber from them to help with constipation and she really like the taste so I have kept pushing on. Her ST gave me a few pointers last week, she told me to boil them in water I normally use milk and to only add them when the water was boiling so I add 1/3 cup multigrain oatmeal to 1 cup of boiling water. To sweeten it I use 1-2 tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk or brown sugar. For a week now I have been trying to introduce it and to my surprise today she ate 4 spoons full without any issues 🙂 I am so happy!!   On the fifth spoonful she started to gag and that was my cue to stop, so she finished off her breakfast with yogurt. I will keep offering her new foods, with different textures with hopes that one day she will overcome this challenge.

For now, I cannot complain….we are conquering oatmeal!!


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