Gabriel is 11

My little boy is growing up, he just turned 11 he is almost a teenager! Wow…where has the time gone!  I remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday. I was HUGE, everyone thought I was having twins, he was the only child I did not follow the rules with. I ate Mcdonalds everyday, two cheesburgers a small fry and plain sunday. I drank soda and tea, I moved furniture and was on my feet all the time. I thought he would arrive early just because I was so big and uncomfortable but no, these kids of mine have there own agenda. I checked in to the hospital for my scheduled induction because my BP was starting to elevate and I just could not take being pregnant anymore. I got my IV put in at 11pm and the induction was supposed to start at 6am, well he decided he would surprise us and arrived at 2:57am. I slept through the enitre labor and barely had to push him out he was so desperate to meet us. A whopping 8.8lbs with his eyes wide open we welcomed  Gabriel Lucas our second boy and thrid child into this wourld a complete 40wk pregnancy to the day.

He is sweet and caring, my class clown and his father’s spitting image. I can no longer advise him on his haircut, the way he dresses or even the games to play at his party. He is just way to grown for it, but he still allows me to give him hugs and kisses not in public of course. But I cherish every moment!!


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