Photographer in the making

My daughter Emily is very creative and talented I like to take credit for that. When she was younger she aspired to be a teacher then a chef, she has the same love for the kitchen as I do. She now aspires to become a pastry chef and own a bakery when she is older possibly with me as that is my ultimate career goal.

I have always had a love for photography, over the years I have compiled thousands of pictures, after over a year I finally finished scanning them all and now have them all in my computer. As of now my total is about 14,800 for the last 17 years, yes I’m that obsessed with snapping crazy amounts of photos of my family.

Emily has always been so photogenic…

So was I surprised when she started showing interest in taking photographs, not at all. A little over a year ago she began snapping pictures all the time. Wherever she was, of herself her siblings and her friends. She also spends hours editing photos and creating her own master pieces. She recently asked me for my camera which she uses all the time so I told her when I upgrade to an SLR she will get to keep my Cannon power shot. She was excited! I guess knowing that it belongs to her makes all the difference. Oh and now she aspires to be photographer along with owning her own bakery. Am I proud? More than you can imagine….here is some of her work, enjoy!

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