She bit him..

I have tried to explain to Elyas that his sister is special and I know he understands somewhat. He does tell people “my sister has Cri du Chat” but I wonder if he really understands how different she will be from him. I try to explain that he has to be more patient with her, that it takes her longer to learn and communicate than us. That she will be a little girl even when she is an adult. She loves him so much and is so excited whenever he is around, they have a beautiful bond.

Yesterday he managed to get into the playpen to play with Sophie without me realizing it. I was running around the house trying to clean, I put her there when I cannot watch her like a hawk to make sure she does not get into trouble. I did not hear any crying or complaining until Gabriel yelled “mom, what happened to Elias’ face?” I called him and he refused to come to me. I got him out and he had this huge swollen mark that looked like a burn blister that was about 2″ long. I thought he had somehow burnt himself and he did not want to tell me. I told him I needed to know otherwise I could not make it better and he admitted Sophie had bit him while they were playing. It looked like he was having an allergic reaction his whole cheek was red and it looked like it was blistering.

Sophie  is a little tomboy, if she sees the boys wrestling she will literally throw herself on top of them . She is not as delicate as she looks, she ‘s a tough cookie. I gave him some Benadryl and a cold compress. He still will not tell me why he did not call me when it happened, I would have corrected her in that moment. It was not a malicious bite because they were playing happily when Gabriel called me and Elyas was not upset. It had to have really hurt him, it hurt me just looking at it.

He said he did not want her to get into trouble because they were only playing. But it broke my heart to see what she had done, I would have preferred he came to me sooner but I guess he is just being the protective big brother. I’m very proud of him for loving his sister and accepting her the way she is. I hope she never bites anyone like that again. He was such a good sport, I just don’t understand why he would go through that pain without saying something. What can I say my kids are stronger than I thought. I hope he will come to me if she ever hurts him again, I pray she doesn’t. But if she does I hope he will always have such a compassionate heart and love for her!


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