First steps…

I often wondered if Sophie would walk or talk, If she would ever have even a tiny bit of independence. When she was tiny it was hard for me to imagine what her future would be like. All I kept hearing was that her deletion was the largest any of them (the doctors) had ever seen. That was not comforting in any way to me that actually frightened me.

When Sophie started physical therapy at five months it was a struggle she was not very mobile and her hyper extension was a big issue. It took months after months of therapy before we saw a change but the benefits were obvious. Her than physical therapist Cheryl was truly a blessing in both our lives. Sophie had a great connection with her and she has a way about her that just makes you love her. Always so positive always advocating to allow Sophie to do things on her own before intervening with equipment. She always saw her potential and it helped me see it too. I asked her one day if she thought Sophie would ever walk and she replied “I don’t think she will not walk”. Those words really helped me be at peace with accepting that it would take time but it was going to happen when she was ready. I honestly did not think it would come this fast!

Sophie started sitting up and crawling in the same week when she was 18 months old. It was an amazing experience I have to say. It seems like when I get to a place where I start feeling sad she does something new that amazes me and brings me right back to that wonderful place of complete gratitude and happiness.

This evening Sophie was sitting about a foot and a half away from the TV unit staring at the flashing lights from the stereo which seem to amaze her when all of a sudden I see her stand up from squatting position, she held her balance for a good 20 seconds before taking a step and grasping the TV unit. My jaw dropped and I was just frozen  in shock, she then sat back down and did it again. That time I started screaming, my husband was sitting a few feet from me and thought something had happened because I’m just a drama queen. I jumped up and praised her so that she know what an amazing job she had done, she was giggling and I picked her up and twirled her. She loves to spin, twirl and bounce, my sensory seeking child. AMAZING MOMENT!

Then it hit me, she is really almost ready to walk! Her new PT Jaime who is awesome by the way has already told me she is ready she just needed to realize she could do it. I should have known it was really going to happen soon since she has been cruising beautifully and transferring from different surfaces without support. She has been climbing furniture for about a month now and has also mastered how to get off all by herself. She is also following directions (when she feels like it), when I tell her to sit she will site (she likes to nose dive into the playpen from the couch) and if I ask her to get off she will too (sometimes). I know it’s not going to happen overnight but Oh My Goodness, my baby is going to be walking sometime in the near future.

I think, I’m ready (laughing nervously). After I soaked in what had just happened I told my husband “our lives are so about to change”. Sophie will no longer be a baby, we will see her in a different light. She will have a newfound independence that I hope will enable her to become stronger and more determined.

WOW…Sophie took her first steps!! On this day when I least expected it, but exactly when I needed it. I have a strong belief that everything happens for a reason, I believe in God and I believe our struggles are blessings in disguise although sometimes I have trouble accepting it. It doesn’t matter if your religious or not to have to ability to recognize blessings and miracles!

To Dr. Nieves Sophie’s pediatrician who has told me my child is my miracle and she is here to teach us, to never allow anyone to set limits because she is an angel with no boundaries……Thank you! 

To all the therapists who have been there along the way Cheryl, Melanie, Kim, Taylor, Bridgette, Pam, and Jaime, THANK YOU ALL!!!

God sure does have a way of showing us who is God….and reminding us he is always watching over us giving us what we need when we need it not when we want it. Now this is truly “Life’s Unexpected Blessings”

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2 thoughts on “First steps…

  1. brenda

    That is awesome and soo true! I love how you wrote it..sometimes progress seems so far away..then our angels amaze us and when they do it’s beyond words! Congrats that is huge and inspiring!


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