Amazing day!!

I was barely able to sleep last night after seeing Sophie take her first steps. I ended up going to bed at almost 4am so I’m back to 4 hrs of sleep a night but after the excitement from last night I was not even tired this morning.

I anxiously awaited her physical therapist Jamie to arrive this morning to share the news with her. So after I gave her the whole rundown we sat down and spent the whole session having Sophie take steps back and forth between us. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! AMAZING to see my shining star shine brighter than ever before.

I can’t remember the last time I smiled so much. I set up the camera to take video during the session and I picked out the best clips and created a video to share her amazing triumph with everyone. I have seen it about 50 times and still cry each time.

The amount of support I have received since last night has been absolutely incredible! Fellow CDC parents, grandparents, family and friends it has made me realize how very lucky I am to have the opportunity to share my daughters and my life with so many wonderful people.

I’ve been struggling lately and this somehow makes it all feel so irrelevant. I wish my husband were a little more involved with the support and what’s going on with me. Don’t get me wrong he is very happy but I guess I expected him to cry, maybe he is just to manly for that. My eldest Arturo cried in amazement when he saw the video and took her hugged and kissed her with so much love; can you ¬†imagine how proud that made me!

I have always celebrated big for all of my children but with Sophie it’s different. She thrives off of the positive energy and praise she recieves from us. Since her birth I have always said I would celebrate with a party when she started walking and she is well on her way. So of course next Saturday we are having a Milestone Celebration!





4 thoughts on “Amazing day!!

  1. Cassandra

    How wonderful that she is still doing it! My daughter, like a lot of her milestones, took a couple of steps, and then not again for a few months later. I guess momma got her christmas present early!


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