Two and Toothless

As if Sophie taking her first steps was not exciting enough she is now missing a front tooth! Yes, just two days after she started learning to walk she lunged forward and fell flat on her face. The fact that I have ceramic tile just made the hit worse, I was horrified! I was so upset because I had been telling my other kids to go to their rooms for a while because she was too excited with them around and was practically throwing herself forward trying to reach them. But no one listened to me and in the process of trying to go to Gabriel as she is faster than lighting she fell flat on her face and I was not quick enough to catch her. She only cried a few minutes and did not bleed too long. I felt horrible, I cried most of the night and could not sleep.I was really mad that no one was paying attention to her when it happened or that they did not listen and go to their rooms when I had asked. I guess furious is a much more appropriate word for how I felt. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in my house that cares!!

The following morning I got her into to see the dentist and he had to pull the tooth. Her tooth broke at the seam of her gum-line and her nerve was exposed, he was amazed she was not screaming in pain. High tolerance for pain seems to be common for many children with CDC including Sophie. I was not ready for this, I loved her amazing smile with her tiny teeth. I feel robbed because she looks like a big girl now. I have to option of having a tooth placed there because she will be without a tooth for 4-5 years until her permanent teeth come in but we decided it was an unnecessary procedure and don’t want o put her through that. She is beautiful no matter what!


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