A Christmas full of kindness

After such a rough year I was really not looking forward to the holiday’s this year. I was dreading Christmas wondering how I would manage to reorganize my finances to make room for some extra money for gifts. I had no choice but let the older kids know that this was going to be a tough year for us and assure them that there will be better times. I was really sad feeling like no one cared, boy was I wrong!!

To start Sophie’s special instruction teacher Pam called me up one evening and told me to fill out some Christmas Angel request forms she had emailed me and get them back to her ASAP. I really did not know how to express my gratitude for her effort to help us as I am not really used to receiving help. It was such a wonderful feeling to know someone cared, I am so grateful!

In the past we usually got each of the kids one thing they really want and other small items they want. The tough part is that as the years pass and kids grow so do their request for more expensive and technologically advanced items or name brand clothing and shoes. This year I was blessed yet again because my brother took over that for me and got them the one thing each of them wanted, that was such a HUGE gift for me. I am so grateful!

My close friend Glenna also jumped in and brought them gifts along with a birthday gift and cake for my eldest Arturo. I also had the pleasure of spending a whole day baking with Jacqui a fellow CDC mom and close friend, we baked about 10-14 dozen cookies for gifting to teachers and therapists; I really needed that. Have I told you how grateful I am?

Just before Christmas an old friend/co-worker who happens to work with my current neighbor and realized they both know me sent me a pre-cooked Holiday boxed dinner, WOW!!  We connect on facebook but I have not seen her for at least nine years, how lucky am I to be surrounded by so many wonderful people! I am very blessed and so grateful!

On Christmas Eve we ventured out to two parties, first Jacqui’s home. It was so much fun but by the time we left there about 10pm Sophie was already beginning to become agitated. She is becoming overwhelmed when around more than just a few people and noise even in small amounts really sets her off. So we dared to try to take her to my husband’s family party where it was very loud and there were ALOT more people, she was pretty good for about an hour before she became really frustrated. She was so upset she wore herself out and fell asleep (sigh of relief). I was happy we made it through the night without having to cut the night short. Sometimes I’m afraid the other kids may resent her for having to cancel outings or cut trips short because she becomes over stimulated. But I am very grateful that was not the case. When we arrived home my husband went to let out the dog and he found 3 huge sacks filled with gifts in our back porch from a Secret Santa. What an amazing gift of kindness and gesture of love. Words cannot describe how grateful I am, how do you repay such an amazing act of kindness. Lot’s of tears of joy this Christmas.

Of course I figured out who that secret Santa was, someone who has jumped in to help me in the past  just because they wanted too! Just when I thought people did not care they prove me wrong!

Sometimes in our struggles we lose sight of what is really important. It’s not the gift’s but  the love and kindness we spread among each other.  It’s how we treat each other and lend a helping hand when we can, that is after all what the season is all about. And I’ve learned God has a way of shining through just when you need him most! I have to say this has been one of the best Holiday’s I have had in my 32 years of life. How lucky am I to have experienced so much love and kindness, VERY, and oh so VERY grateful for the wonderful friends and family in my life.

This was all I wanted for this Christmas…..smiles on my children’s faces!

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