This year I will do…

I don’t usually have a new years resolution but this year I have decided I will try it.

This year I will do my best to…….

Stay Positive, cry less and not feel sorry for myself.

Learn to say NO, I cannot do everything for everyone anymore.

To make time for ME so I can pluck my eyebrows, fix my hair, paint my nails, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine in total quiet and shave more than once a month. 

To lock the bathroom door so I at least have enough time to apply lotion to my body before I’m interrupted 20 times and just say to hell with it. 

To ignore my husbands negative remarks when he has to be right although I know I am. 

To not cry every time one of my kids treats me like crap because I am doing my best, and inevitable they will become their own person not who I expect them to be. 

To give myself more credit for all I have accomplished with the little I have at my disposal. 

To have a girls night out!

To not feel guilty because I really want a whole day to myself without having to take care of anyone. 

To wear stilettos more often because they always made me feel sexy and beautiful and deep down I really miss the 7 dozen pairs I gave away after Sophie was born because I felt guilty having so many. 

To get healthier….possibly a little thinner.

To listen to music more and dance even when I’m alone. 

To treat myself to a new out fit or pair of shoes more than once a year, because I deserve it.

My goal this year is to live a little to remember I am also alive and not  a care taker robot. It may seem selfish to some but it’s time I remember I exist too!


3 thoughts on “This year I will do…

  1. weudelia1

    I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who has these types of thoughts. going through my head! I must be normal afterall. Stay strong! You are awesome. Wishing you success in your venture.


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