Almost Mobile!

Just a short month ago Sophie surprised us all when she took her First Steps! A surprise it was for us all but then just two days later while working on walking she fell and lost a front tooth, it took a good week before she would even attempt to get back on her feet but I did not give up. Everyday I work with her encouraging her to push on and today my friends we have seen the fruits of our labor! Sophie has spent the day taking steps on her own and she gets right back up and keeps trying if she falls. She has refused to crawl all day, and  has followed me around the house using my leg for support but refusing to allow me to help her or hold her hand. She even showed off a bit when Jaime her PT arrived and she let me go and started walking to her. I really never thought this day would come so fast but I have to say it’s very exciting!! With every step she takes she is one more closer to being independently mobile…were almost there!!

Just a few minutes after  I recorded this video she walked clear across the room to her brother but of course  I had the camera off.


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