Amelia denied a Transplant!

We as a society are in the dark about ALOT. It’s after you find yourself on the other side of a thin line that you start to see and understand. What if it was your child in need of a lifesaving procedure and the doctors out right refuse because your child does not perform to their standard of “normal”. Do you think it’s right for MAN to choose whether your child or loved one is worthy of life, I certainly think we as a society should not allow it. ¬†Our special children and loved one’s have the same right to live as we do, to be denied a good quality of life is irresponsible and cruel. Join with me to share this families journey, to raise awareness about this horrible reality that happens more often than we can imagine and pray for them. Please take a moment to sign the petition. One voice can stir a crowd but imagine what we can achieve if we join our voices together!

My daughter is medically classified as “Mentally Retarded” it’s horrifying to imagine that this term could be the factor in denying my child life. Please spread the word for Amelia and all of our loved ones!!

Amelia’s story


Please sign the Petition…


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