Date night

After months of trying to schedule a much-needed night out with my husband with no success I decided to try something new.

This past Saturday I planned a candle lite dinner at home. I splurged and got some steak and shrimp with rice pilaf and steamed vegetables as a side. My  mother in law was asked over to help with the babies and she agreed. I had a great time cooking dinner while my husband helped me set the table in the back patio, it was a pretty chilly night which made it more comfortable. We asked the kids not to interrupt us with the exception of Emily who was assisting as our waitress and photographer. It’s hard not having a little extra spending money to have a night out but I realized it’s not the place that matters it’s the time we spend together.

Emily brought us some cheesecake and later that evening made us some hot cocoa. It was actually really fun, we chatted while we enjoyed our super yummy meal while we listened to some music. We paused our evening for about ten minutes before desert to feed the babies and then headed back outside to enjoy our sweets. Emily told me she thought it was cool that we put in the extra effort and got creative, she suggested we do this more often. Just because we can’t go out to have a date night does not mean we should not have one.  Our  large family sometimes limits our ability to do the things we used to do, it just means we have to start thinking out of the box. I’m definitely looking forward to our next date night at home!


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