Unexpected weight gain

Battling with weight gain is something I have suffered with the last seventeen years of my life and I would have never thought I would desire weight gain so much until now. Not for me! I’m not crazy, I’m already a thick girl but I do desire it for my daughter. She has been so petite throughout her 2 years of life weighing just 5 lbs 3 oz at birth. “Failure to thrive” is one of her medical labels because of her low weight and delayed growth, rarely making it on a typical child growth chart. Her health always so complicated with sudden and often rapid weight loss and the inability to gain weight. Sometimes going up to six months without even an ounce of weight gain. The fact that she does not eat food does not help the situation add in her starvation periods to aggravate the situation even more.

When I least expect it she will go through an unexpected spout of weight gain and growth aka “growth spurt”. Because I see her everyday sometimes I cannot tell by looking at her if she has gained weight. I know she is experiencing a spurt from the constant hunger as a symptom of it since she is not usually hungry often. I only hope it’s a nice amount of weight gain and growth when this happens but I try not to get my hopes up too much. She has now reached a little above the 25th percentile for height thanks to her most recent growth spurt. Imagine my surprise when at last weeks monthly checkup she weighed in at a whopping 22.4lbs!  That is HUGE for us, a 3 lb weight gain in less than 2 months “amazing”. This put’s her a little below the 5th percentile in weight on a typical growth chart but she IS one the charts, finally! I was floored at this weigh in and so excited, Dr Nieves the  pediatrician was so happy I mean really happy it’s so obvious how much she cares about Sophie. Maybe this is a new chapter for us, with good weight gain comes strength and I hope this will pave the way for her body to become stronger.

At the ENT visit the following day the doctor upon entering the room stated how great and healthy she looked!! Another good sign, those words “she looks great and healthy” gave me more hope and strength. She is on oral antibiotics for the first time in almost a year for a minor bacteria found in her sinuses. We are hoping this time she will respond to them, due to previous overexposure since birth her body became immune and we have only been able to treat her with injectable or IV administered antibiotics. We are keeping our fingers crossed this time around but we have a back up plan for her nebulized meds if needed. Who knows though maybe this weight gain is a sign of her health improving, I can only remain hopeful and pray she maintains at this new weight and continues to grow!

Look at those full cheeks!


8 thoughts on “Unexpected weight gain

  1. brittany

    Thank you for this post. Lily is small and gains weight very slowly. It is nice to hear that we are not the only ones going through this. Reading posts like this give me hope!

  2. Patrica

    Hola amiga! que buena noticia!!!!!! yo también peleo con el peso de Galileo, quería contarte que el 21de febrero viajamos a miami, ya que el 22 tiene cita en el miami childrens, queremos q lo examinen y a ver q nos dicen. Me encantaría conocer a Sophie, trataré de que el viaje sea por lo menos hasta el fín de semana y ver como puedo conocerlos. Besos amiga…

  3. Tommie

    I love this!! Go Sophie!! Olivia was only 23 pounds when she was two years and three months old. That was when we met her developmental pediatrician who finally diagnosed her with 5p- Syndrome. She’s now 35 pounds at five years old. She’s still on the small side but people rarely even comment on it anymore. So grow, Sophie, grow!! 🙂


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