The car accident

Just three days after the fair incident while on my way home from what was a great followup visit with the Pulmonologist with Sophie I get into a car accident. Yeah not what any of us expected but really that’s when these things happen. As I waited patiently at the light to get on the highway just as the light turns green and I release the brake “BANG” an Escalade slammed into the car behind me than proceeded to totally sideswiped my van tipping then van a bit in the impact. “What the F&%#” I’m frozen as I slam my foot on the brake and tuned to make sure my kids were ok. It happened on the passenger side where my 5 yr old was sitting in the third row, my 2 yr was sitting in the middle row and my 11 yr old was in the front passenger seat. The baby was behind me across from the 2 yr old.

The driver of the escalade not only hit us but took off onto the highway, thank goodness a bystander got the license plate and reported it to the police. She was found later on that evening with the driver side of her escalade damaged. How can someone just drive away, seriously! She could have killed someone! People are so irresponsible.

As if I needed more to deal with I now have neck and back pain. And they tell me not to carry my kids and to take it easy. Really? So who is supposed to care for the babies all day, do laundry, run to doctors appts, go grocery shopping clean the house etc… Taking it easy is not something I know how to do. And cannot afford it. But I am trying and my husband is wonderful when it comes to helping me clean the house.

Now that all this craziness is over, I hope. I’m ready for good luck to come my way. Staying positive and only hoping for the best.


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