What is sleep?

The last three years have been one sleepless night for us. When we brought Sophie home from the hospital she was connected to an apnea & heart monitor. It literally went off every hour or two so we never slept, the monitor combined with my complete paranoia to make sure she was breathing constantly. Even after the monitor was gone at 14 months and Sophie was sleeping through the night we were still waking through the night. We are now programmed to wake with a pin dropping. Then along comes our little man who at almost ten months still wakes through the night like he does not need sleep at all. Sleep, what is sleep? That’s what flashes through my mind when someone tells me I should try to get more sleep. It takes a toll on you! I have a wonderful husband who has recently realized how long and hard my days truly are and has jumped in to take over crying babies when I’m too exhausted to get them back to sleep. I know, I am very lucky.

Last night we had two sick babies which turned into one long endless night of snotty noses, coughing, crying and a VERY tired mommy and daddy. This morning while in-between school drop off’s we took a few minutes to close our eyes and this happened.

We fell asleep! Emily could not help herself and had to seize the moment to record this rare occasion. It only lasted about 30 minutes but I slept does the amount of time really matter, that’s what I tell myself anyways. This should be enough to hold me down for the day, and then my kids wonder why I’m so grumpy all the time. Sleep, it’s totally overrated (for parents, at least).


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