Lunch with daddy

I don’t get out much unless it’s part of my weekly routine of doctors, schools, grocery store etc. I can’t really have Sophie out in public alot so when I can I try to take the babies to have lunch with daddy. It usually only happens once a month and it’s not this extravagant lunch but I find it fun. I drive the 25-30min to his job, pick him up and  go to Chick-fil-a. We order the same exact thing every time. We drive back to his job park under the shade and have lunch there. We enjoy our lunch with a child on each of our laps in my van usually listening to Michael Jackson who happens to be Sophie’s favorite singer. Of course the kids find the dash-board amazing and can’t keep their hands to themselves. They enjoy some french fries and lemonade before we give them some frozen yogurt. Before I know it it’s time to head back to pick up the boys from school. The babies love it! They get so excited to see their daddy! We look forward to lunch with daddy!

Happy to see daddy

Having some fries


having some fries

Frozen yogurt


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