Just not enough time

I just do not seem to have enough time lately. I forget to eat and sometimes I only get in a meal or two for the entire day. If I’m lucky I can get in a shower before 11pm. Errands seem to never get done or maybe they do but my to do lists seems never-ending. Doctors appointments seem to somehow group together while I have a million other things to do.

Grocery shopping is not something I have been looking forward too lately since it’s  been almost two months that I have not had time to organize my coupons thanks to lack of time. My couponing allows me to stretch $700  a month budget for a family of eight and I do not function well without organization. And this is usually my quiet time of the week but I stress myself out by not being organized. I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Dinner when I do cook it is not ready until after 7:30pm or sometimes later which then totally disrupts bed time. And it’s a never-ending cycle of repetition. On some days I’m just too tired to cook and will be a bad mommy and let them have cereal for dinner. When i don’t cook everyone wants a hot meal when I cook they wanted something simpler. I can never make anyone happy.

Laundry is another chore I just can’t keep up with. I’m up to two load minimum a day and if I let it go a few days which I did this past weekend it turns into an eleven load laundry day not including bed sheets. And it’s not just the sorting of the laundry or the fact that although I have five baskets in the laundry room somehow it’s always all over the floor. It’s staying on top of it to all to make sure I get the clothes out of the dryer before they wrinkle and let’s not forget to have to fold it all. Sadly no one wants to help no matter how many times I ask or tell my eldest children too. You would think I’m asking them to give up their arm. But they do know how to complain about having no clean clothes!

Lately I cannot even find time to post on my blog. I find myself going to bed around 1 am every night feeling anxious because I’m thinking about everything I have to do the next day.  When I finally find a few minutes in the day to write my mind goes blank. I recently started to record my thought’s this way I can refresh my memory if I need to. It’s turned out to be a great tool for me.

Whoever said it life get’s easier as children get older in my opinion is totally wrong! I just wish I had a few extra hours everyday.


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