New wheels

Sophie has a new set of wheels! In November we started the process of ordering her a Kidkart using her medical insurance. We thought it was going to be a nightmare but it was not. I am very lucky to say that and I know it. The insurance only requested one document requesting why she would benefit from it indoors. Her PT had no problem with that one because there are quite a few benefits for her especially with safety.

We have been through about five different strollers and it’s so hard to find one that she just fit’s right in or that offers enough support. I cannot get her to stay in her single stroller or the double stroller for more than a few minutes. She slouches and head bangs in them not to mention she is uncomfortable because her legs are so long and frustration sets in very quickly.

Here it is!!! 

It’s Purple and super lightweight. Sophie absolutely loves it! It looks really big but it’s not, she is just so petite. I have additional pieces to adjust it as she grows. It holds her up so she does not slouch. The positioning keeps her bottom in place so she is not slipping, her posture is beautiful when she sits in it. It tilts to pretty much any position I want and we can turn the seat around to face inward. The swivel wheels are awesome! I can lock one side and spin her in it using just one hand, sensory input a plus! I think she really likes that she is closer to my eye level and she loves the tray. She will stand next to it and yell asking for me to put her in it. She will sit and watch her video while trying to eat her puffs on the tray, it really is wonderful. Sophie and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

My husbands reaction was not the same. Everyone has their own way of coping but I just think most women can handle life better.  When he first saw the Kidkart he was very quiet and expressed no ike or dislike to it. I knew right then he did not like it because it would be obvious to the public that our daughter has special needs. Most people just assume Sophie was a preemie or that she is younger than she really is and unless we are asked we don’t really talk about it. To us this is our normal so we don’t see the need to share with everyone. He is fine now that he has seen how great it is for her. Now all I need is to find a way to take both babies out with just the Kidkart so I can get rid of the other four strollers I have.

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2 thoughts on “New wheels

  1. Jeanne Chavez

    What a blessing this is for you and Sophie! Our Jayci just got a new tiny wheelchair. It is so wonderful for her also. It came with a tray too and has straps to keep her sitting up straight with hips aligned. It sure comes in handy for my daughter to take Jayci out with out taking me along to hold either Jayci or her son Sebastian.


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