Guest Post: Beautiful

“I’m fat, I’m unwanted, im ugly”. Why do we let society get to us & attack our feelings? Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Yeah maybe you’re a bit over weight or to rephrase that in a nicer manner “corpulent” or maybe you aren’t the prettiest thing in school or you don’t have the straightest teeth, best hair, nicest body, exquisite eyes, or you just aren’t what society calls “beautiful”. Well guess what…. I’m up to here with that nonsense. Nobody is perfect, why is it that society has to try & ruin our image. Appearing too skinny looks sick, appearing too fat looks gross, appearing too thick isn’t beautiful…. What is this? Who are they to judge. Only God can judge me so I don’t let any of these fools get in my way & wash away my feelings as if I was a washable marker. I feel as if this wasn’t Gods plan. Why do we judge & criticize so much? Why is all of that necessary. In my mind it’s not. Life would be so much easier without all the criticism being held, but hey it’s reality & we have to just deal with it.. Just remember I think your beautiful and like my mom always tells me it only matters if I feel beautiful when I see myself in the mirror!



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