End the Word

Today is the 2012 “End the Word Day”.

Do you know the Word? The R-word?

I’m joining the many strong individuals who will fight for what is right.

Many of us used it as children and many still do. It’s ugly, it’s not just a word it’s a feeling an insult. It is used in a derogatory manner and many use it as a “stupid comment”. We must teach our children to be accepting because there are no two people alike. We must teach our children to be kind and to treat other’s as they want to be treated. We are all equal!!

This is my beautiful AMAZING daughter Sophie.

Sophie is classified by the medical community as

            “Mentally Retarded”

But she is absolutely PERFECT!

 WHY? Why must we use label’s to describe someone.

Retarded! It’s a mean and hateful word. STOP USING IT!! 


Stand up for what is right! You would not allow someone to say it to your child, step in and don’t allow it to be said to anyone. Do your part!


I’m joining my fellow Bloggers to spread the word to end the word. It’s time to speak up!!!  Thank you Tiffany and Holly!


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