My Safety Patrol

Gabriel my Safety Patrol is in Washington! He is an honor roll student and always on his best behavior (in school) and involved in all the after school clubs. Currently he is part of the student council but he does it all. The running club, reading club, writing club and even the weekend tutoring sessions for FCAT prep. All by his choice, I have no need to try to encourage him. I’m very proud of him!!

My jaw dropped when we went to the first meeting about the Washington trip at the cost of $750. But we were determined to figure it all out because he deserves it. And we did.

We met at his School Tuesday at 3:30am and from there they would travel to the airport by charter bus. He was so Excited! It is very nerve wrecking to know my child is in someone else’s care. Will my picky eater eat, will he brush his teeth etc. But, I put on my strong face and he had no idea I was sad because I will miss him so much.

I waited until the bus pulled out before I left. When I got in my car that’s when it hit me and I could not help the tears. He’s not a baby anymore! I have no choice but to let him grow up (Nooooo). My husband does not understand why I tear up every time he sends me pictures of all the great sights he is visiting or when he calls. No matter how old he is he will always be one of my babies! But I am so happy I was able to pull this together for him, I know it will always be a treasured experience.

The one thing I miss most is our conversations when I pick him up from school and he tells me about his day…’s the little things that are the most fulfilling in life.


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