She choked..

I decided yesterday I need to get out of house and do something fun so we headed to the mall with the three youngest kiddies. We took them to lunch and hit JCPenny for some much-needed retail therapy. I love their new pricing system, I walked out with seven huge bags of clothes And barely spent $200. At these prices$1, $2, $5 & $8 in the reduced racks I cannot go wrong. We had a great afternoon Sophie did great it was the first time I had her out so long about 5 hours total. She did great thanks to her new wheels. She only got frustrated once and that’s when I put her in the sling (good thing she is so tiny) and bounced her around the store while I browsed.

On our way home we stopped for some takeout. I was in the car with the kids while my hubby went in to get the food. We were listening to Michael Jackson and Sophie and I were playing peek a boo when all of a sudden she started choking! I jumped back and took her out of the car set pulled her head forward and nothing, she turned blue/grey and her eyes started rolling towards the back. I started screaming and crying in terror, I took her and placed her on my arm downward and whacked her back the way they taught me in CPR and choking classes. Nothing, she could not gasp for air I pulled out the cell phone and dialed 911 but just before I hit the send button she gasped an took in some air and mucous came out of her nose and mouth. I could not find a syringe and I usually have them all over the place because of her episodes to suction her as needed. A bystander an older woman came over and asked to help because I’m standing outside my van with no shoes on holding a child patting her back in total panic. I asked her to please go find my husband and she did but by the time he came out she was breathing again. A bit lethargic but the color was starting to come back. I was horrified, we had not had such a severe choking episode for over a year and a half at least not this severe. I thought we were over them, I was wrong. I can only assume while she was laughing she must have aspirated saliva and it blocked her airway and while she was trying to breathe all the junk came up from her chest.

In an instant my life can change forever. She is better today and now I am even more paranoid that ever to even walk away from her. With the amount of times she has held her breath to shades of grey I am grateful the lack of oxygen has not been enough to damage her brain. To say I’m shaky still is an understatement. It seems like every time I start to relax and let go something happens to drive me back to my state of  paranoia. Something new to bring up to the doctor on our next visit. I swear this child is an expert at scaring the living crap out of me.


8 thoughts on “She choked..

  1. Andrea Lembach

    That is so scary! I know that you feel like you were in a panic but you did all of the right things. I am glad that she has you as a mama.

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