Falling back into the cycle

The last few weeks have been hectic in my life more so than usual. Having a sick child is no fun, it’s exhausting!  From birth the medical complications have just poured in one after the other as if no end in sight.

Last year Sophie had “Endiscopic Sinus Surgery” and half of her adenoids removed.  Her frontal nasal cavities where they drain never formed so the doctor created them and was able to clean out her nasal cavities. He was only able to remove half of her adenoids because of her submucous cleft palate. The surgery was successful for about 9 months. With her sinuses able to drain she had far less infections and the constant yucky runny nose was gone. That was until just recently. For three months Sophie has been battling another sinus infection. While no oral antibiotic will work on her little body now our medication of last resort Rocephin is not cutting it either. Her pediatrician and ENT suspect her nasal cavities have closed. Her junky nose is back with a vengeance combined with what seems like headaches through out the day and night.

The last pediatrician visit almost two weeks ago for antibiotic injections ended in me breaking down, I just started to cry. The doctor embraced me and assured me I have done everything and then some to keep her healthy. The doctor took a deep breath and told me we are falling back into the sickness cycle not going for more than 2 weeks at a time without sickness. At the ENT yesterday we discussed the possibility of surgery, not what I wanted to hear but I was not surprised. Dare I risk another surgery? Although she has done well coming out of anesthesia each time is different and it takes a good two weeks or so for her to be back to her functioning self. But if her nasal cavities have closed and we don’t try to fix it what if we cannot cure the infection? The only antibiotic that works is not approved for children and we have used it twice. The doctor would rather not continue to use it unless absolutely no choice. We have no idea what the long-term effects can be.

So here we are again. Back where we were a little over a year ago falling back into the sickness cycle. What will we do? I don’t know yet. I’m just taking it one day at a time. When we get the lab cultures back we will go from there, I’m praying the bacteria is not as bad as last time. Oh, and her liver enzymes have quadrupled again. What’s the cause? The doctor has still not been able to figure it out, I have a feeling he’s going to bring up a liver biopsy again. And here I thought as she got older she would become stronger and healthier. Figuring out which is the right decision is not only hard its terrifying. Knowing the end result can mean the difference between life or death.




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