Plan of treatment..

After a visit to the ENT and GI we set a plan into motion to tackle this whole sinus infection and compromised immune system that has taken over our lives. To my horror the bacteria found in Sophie’s nose culture is Streptococcus Pneumoniae. This is the type of bacteria that makes my heart sink. Streptococcus pneumoniae is an invasive bacterial strain responsible for causing the following:

Pneumonia: Causes 1.2 million cases of pneumonia in the United States annually. As of 2006, more than 55,000 people die from this disease each year.

Bacteremia: The presence of bacteria within the bloodstream. Infections in the blood lead to septic shock and death.

Otitis Media: Inflammation and infection of the middle ear. Pain, perforated eardrum, dizziness, disorientation and hearing loss may result from infection.

Meningitis: Inflammation of the membranes and cerebral fluid surrounding the brain and spinal column cause fever, stiffness, headache and sometimes death.

Sinusitis: Inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages cause headache, pressure behind the eyes, fever and congestion. These infections can last two to eight weeks and will cause severe discomfort and difficulty breathing if left untreated.

Peritonitis: Inflammation of the lining of the abdomen and internal organs may cause pain, tenderness, fever, intestinal paralysis, abscess, sepsis and breathing difficulties.

Not only does she have this bacteria in her nasal cavity but she has a huge growth which means she has had it for some time now. This just confirms my fears of how compromised her immune system is.  Even after bombarding her with antibiotics the last three months this bacteria is thriving. It’s hard to grasp the that this is really happening to my child.

The ENT and Allergist decided we should try to administer all meds through her Powered Nasal Irrigator which administers the medication via the nose directly into the nasal cavities. Oral antibiotics just do not work anymore and with her liver having issues it is best to limit medications getting into her bloodstream. The insurance does not pay for this equipment or the medication as it is still new. But last year I bought the machine after her sinus surgery. I received her new meds with excitement ready to treat my little princess and the nasal irrigator is not working! At first I thought it was just not charged enough. But no, it’s not working I’m so frustrated!! The allergist called in some oral antibiotics at a higher dosage until I figure this out in hopes that something will take effect. After emails and several messages no one has gotten back to me about replacing the machine. I am very upset, I have not even had the machine for a whole year yet and the customer service sucks! But yet they are really nice when your paying them the big bucks $$.

Sophie’s dark sunken eyes, wet flemmy cough and constant sneezing that requires boxes of tissues all over my house are my constant reminder of her internal battle. The sound of her gasping to catch her breath when she aspirates even just a tiny bit make my stomach churn into knots. I sometimes wonder if it will ever get better. I become so overwhelmed at times I feel like giving up, I often cry and then I see my little girl and realize how lucky I am to have her here with me.

My beautiful little girl amazes me with her strength. Her little body is fighting a big fight and yet she is amazingly emanating with pure happiness and love. She is my inspiration!


2 thoughts on “Plan of treatment..

  1. Holly Waligora (@notaperfectmama)

    Brooke used to get nasty sinus infections until she had her adenoids out, and now she very rarely gets ear or sinus infections, but when she does it’s serious antibiotics because the bacteria they culture is always MRSA or strep or pneumonia….crazy kids…
    the antibiotics they put her on make her pee and tears orange too…


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