Isabella’s Sweet Sixteen



I had the pleasure of helping my close friend Jacqui prepare for her daughter’s Sweet Sixteen. From the planning to the decorations designed and made by “your’s truly” it was a very special celebration. Every Birthday is special especially when you’re a mom and know how fast time flies but it becomes overwhelmingly special when you’re celebrating another year of life your were told you may never have the opportunity of sharing.

When Isabella was born she was diagnosed with Cri du Chat Syndrome almost immediately after birth. Her parents were asked if they wanted to take her home or if they wanted her placed in an institution. As with my daughter her future was a tainted canvas with no chance of a masterpiece according to medical professionals. But her family embraced her and have devoted their lives to help her reach her full potential. The middle child of three girls she has an older sister Alyssa and younger sister Gabriella, she is loved immensely. She is now painting her own canvas in life and a masterpiece it is indeed.

Isabella Gillian (aka Bella) celebrated her Sweet 16 Rock Star Party in style. Surrounded by family and friends with a party almost as amazing as her, she glowed and emanated with happiness all evening. She danced with all her friends and even got in a daddy daughter dance. She was definitely the Star shining bright all night.

An inspiration to so many and the hopes of a brighter future. To many more Birthdays full of blessings.

This post is dedicated to the Galvagni family!

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