My own photographer

This upcoming weekend I will be hosting a birthday barbecue for my three youngest children. I’m excited I LOVE hosting parties! As I child I was lucky if I got a birthday party more than every 4-5 years so birthdays in my house are BIG. I have the two youngest birthdays in April and the other in May, all two weeks apart from each other so were having one big barbecue for the three of them. I try to always get the kids pictures taken for their birthdays, at least while they are under five. I admit it’s hard to keep up when you have six children. Wow, 6, really?! Yeah I still  wake up some days and ask myself “how do I have 6 kids?” but I do so anyhow!

Last year we celebrated Sophie’s second & Elias’ fifth birthday together and had their pictures taken at a photo studio. What a nightmare that was! By the time we were done I felt as if I had run a marathon. Getting pictures of children is hard enough then throw in a child with special needs, whew! It’s exhausting. A typical toddler would stand without assistance and smile with a little encouragement and while it can still be an overwhelming experience it’s not the same. Your being rushed because they have more appointments after you, if the child is having issues with the lights or the fact that a stranger is talking to them you’re in trouble. It’s not only frustrating it can be a sad reminder of how delayed your child really is and in the end can become an emotional disaster. I decided did not want to put myself through that again.

This year since Sophie is having a lot of sensory and behavioral issues I decided for my own selfish, personal benefit I would not take them to a photo studio nor would I pay hundreds of dollars I don’t have to hire a private photographer. But I do want birthday pictures. I sort of have a tradition of making photo keepsakes at birthday parties or baptisms for family and friends. Ok, the truth is I’m obsessed with photos of my kids I’m a picture addict, no seriously I am. My collection from the last 17 yrs is at around 20k so far. So I went out and bought the boys new suits and Sophie a new dress which they can use next month at a formal party we are going to so I took care of two occasions at once.

I have a thing with small children being barefoot in dress clothes, don’t ask me why. I honestly don’t know, it’s something about that beautiful childhood innocence. Sooo,  today we ventured out to the park for our very own photo shoot. My amazing daughter Emily was my assistant. We just went with it took hundreds of pictures between the both of us. It took well over two hours but it was fun there was plenty of time to allow the kids to just be themselves and it turned out amazing! We had so much fun and while they are not perfect poses they are perfect pictures of who my children really are. I am amazed at the love that flows between them. I am astonished at Emily’s natural talent, wow she is amazing!

I would hire me, they turned out that good! I only have a didgital camera I can’t wait to get my SLR camera next year no more photo studios for this family!

So I will share with you some of the best of the photos….I am so very proud of my daughter. I think she get’s all her natural talent from me, but that’s our little secret!

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