Dear Sophie, II

If your just jouning us you can get caught up here. Dear Sophie, I.

Dear Sophie,

I was still so terrified that your health was not improving but I was determined to keep fighting, we had to prove those doctors wrong. We would show them that they did not know everything.

Within the next year you had several surgeries. You are a fighter and despite some complications you pulled through, I have always been so proud of you!

You gained a little weight and began to move along developmentally, I began to understand that you would reach your gaols when you were ready. All in your time, I would have to learn to be patient. You began to sit unassisted, than you crawled and pulled up to stand. All before your second birthday.

Your health remained a huge interference with your progress but despite the challenges you were faced with you are strong-willed, determined and dedicated. Nothing can stop you and you continued to strive for more.

During this year of your life you made GINORMOUS developmental strides. It may take you a little longer to put it all together but you get it. That brilliant mind of yours just works a little different.

You began using your hearing aids like a champion, you are trying so hard to communicate. Your love for music just continued to grow especially for Michael Jackson he is your favorite. You became a big sister weeks before your second birthday and you owned it!

Your second birthday was a symbol of life for me. I had been scared I would lose you as the doctor’s had told me you would not live past your second birthday.

This day was a glorious day in so many ways! My little miracle, my amazing little girl you made it to your second birthday. Just keep fighting to stay healthy my little love. You just keep on fighting and know that I am fighting with you!

Sophie's 2nd birthday


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