I am overwhelmed with life lately. I don’t have any free time for myself and it’s starting to get to me. The kids overwhelm me so easily lately. The baby has been crying all day for the last three days and it has mentally drained me, I can only block out so much screaming. I think his molars are coming in and I can’t do much to help that other than try to keep him comfortable but he wants to be held ALL DAY LONG and I have so much to do. The older kids argue constantly no one wants to get along, no one wants to help out around the house and I just can’t do it all anymore.

I’m overwhelmed just thinking about when the sale will finally go through on this house because Bank of America is dragging their feet and not getting anything done. The waiting itself is draining and not being able to finalize our relocation plans is driving me crazy! This house has been our biggest mistake and an ongoing nightmare.

I have been so tired I cannot even find time to blog. My mind is full but I cannot find time to write and when I do I’m so tired. Most nights when we finally get both babies to sleep for the night it’s after midnight and let’s face it I just cannot stay up late anymore. Tristan does not sleep well and Sophie tends to wake if she does not feel us around and Tristan is up at the crack of dawn which does not leave room for mommy to rest.

I’m exhausted, it’s very tense in my house. The hubby and I struggling to keep the peace and it’s not easy. We have been through so much the last few years it’s hard to find our balance again. I hate feeling this way, so blue and totally drained of energy. I’ve been having those days where you look in the mirror and think “Who the Hell is that?!”  I’m in a funk and I am trying to work my way through it but it’s not easy. Hoping for better days to come…


One thought on “Overwhelmed

  1. Jeanne Chavez

    It is amazing how your words echo my own daughter’s. She gets so overwhelmed also and she only has 3 in the home (the other 2 are with the ex wife) and one on the way. January gets so down that I sometimes worry she is getting depressed. I try to keep her spirit up as best as I can. Sometimes it’s just as easy as an invite to my home for a dinner and adult conversation but other times I have to convince her to get out of the house. I am her respite care worker so I hardly ever turn down a chance to watch the kids. I love them so much and it is a chance for her to go and do things without a baby in tow.
    She is in the middle of preparing to move at the end of the month to a bigger home due to the new baby coming this summer. She has issues with her 2 year old son being so busy and mischievious and her oldest being lazy. Jayci is becoming more mobile so she is into things and becoming more daring so she must be watched more closely. It goes on and on.
    I hope your days become less hectic soon and you can refresh yourself. Thanks so much for the blogs…they hit so close to home!


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