He is One

It seems like just yesterday I was announcing to the world that Tristan would be joining our family in just a matter of weeks. Some reactions were great and supportive and some not so great. I was asked if “the baby was normal” and are you sure you should be having another child after “having a child with special needs”. Thank you to those who showed me support. For those who were concerned, having a child with special needs does not automatically mean all your children will have special needs. It’s just a part of life we have no control over, things happen nature is not perfect.

I have to admit I was a little scared something could go wrong until he made his grand entrance a month early weighing in at a whopping 7.8lbs, thanks to Gestational Diabetes. But he was healthy, he had ten fingers, ten toes and a big head. And how I love his big head! 

A year has passed and I cannot imagine my life without him! He is healthy!  He is smart and loving and very spoiled! He has brought so much to our lives especially to his big sister’s life. They have formed a beautiful bond, they look for each other if one is sleeping. Their eyes light up when they see each other. Sophie  tries to console him by placing her hand on his face when he cries.

Tristan, how I have savored your milestones. I have enjoyed  them all and even though you are my sixth child everything you do amazes me. From your first babble to rolling over. I remember literally jumping for joy when you sat up on your own and when you used your fingers to pick up a piece of chopped banana and then chewed it for the first time. The first time you said “mama” and drank out of a sippy cup. When you started clapping, giving kisses and waving good-bye!  And you started walking a week shy of your first birthday with such ease and balance. How you love to eat everything and will throw a fit if you see someone with a lollipop because you just have to have one. How you love to play with your ball and tell me “ball” to get me to sit down and play with you. You definietly are a leader and have a strong personality. You know just when to give me kisses to get what you want, you have us wrapped around your little finger!

It’s been a bittersweet journey for me watching him surpass his big sister but at the same time I feel very blessed to have had another healthy child knowing all that could go wrong. To my little boy who is now the big “1” Mommy loves you with all her heart! You are perfect in every way!!

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