She had a fall

This past weekend we were to attend a cousins Quince (Sweet 15) I was really debating on going because Sophie had been having a rough day and I was just drained. My husband however wanted us to go, never mind that she does not do well with loud noises and crowds he wanted us there. I did not want the cousin to feel as if I was not supporting her on her day so the guilt got to me too.

It was Friday early evening as I rushed to prepare my half a dozen troop as always. Sophie was already having a rough sensory day. She starts screaming and crying while I’m getting all the boys ready. My hubby gets home late and I end up having to make two trips to Target to get dress pants and shoes for three of the boys, it was a formal party. How do they grow out of their clothing so fast? Geesh!  By the time we left the house we were already almost an hour late, I’m stressed out and Sophie’s face is swollen from screaming so much.

We finally arrive at our destination I’m left outside with my two oldest boys in a super dark parking lot where I am rushing to get Sophie’s kidkart together, I’m already an emotional wreck?! I get it in place and start toward the door rushing up a hill when my five-year old opens the door so I can enter and her chair falls straight forward off of the base. I lifted the chair as fast as I could and un-strapped her, her lip was bleeding and she was scared. I was horrified! Some girls ran to the door and I had them go get my husband, by the time he got outside I was so distraught and crying I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack. I was so mad at myself, I always double-check the chair to make sure it’s locked in right but it was so dark and I was rushing I don’t think I did. I’m very upset with myself. The chair has a medal headrest that is padded and extends out further than her head and her waist too, thank God for that!

She stopped crying soon after and calmed down when I washed her face and brought her inside,the party seemed to distract her. She seemed fine for a bit but then started kicking and whining. After a while my hubby took off to mingle with his family and I stayed behind with her at the table. I really just wanted to leave but I did not, I really should have though. I hate that he always does that to me, leaving me alone with the babies it’s so frustrating. Sophie refused to eat while there and had been refusing almost the entire day.

I kept checking her face over and over checking her head, nose,  lips and gums throughout the night and all seemed fine. The following day her face was puffy and she was whiny. She took a 3 hour nap in the evening (she never naps) and I went in to check on her and she was sleeping on her face. When I tried to turn her head to rest it on her check she woke up very grumpy with a super swollen nose. I got so worried I took her to the ER, I know I’m paranoid! It’s just bruised but  still very swollen. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’m watching her like a hawk because she is not herself. She had already been acting off all day Friday I was suspecting another sinus infection but now I don’t know if it’s a combination of both. The soonest I can get her in to see her ENT is in a week, I hate waiting. Ugh! It’s so hard having a child that cannot communicate with you. If only she would understand enough to at least gesture to me what is bothering her it would make things so much easier.

My beautiful girl just cannot escape sickness or injury…life is so unfair. And the guilt just keeps piling up inside me. From now on though I will not take her out when she has had a rough day. I don’t care what event I might miss and I made sure the hubby knows!


One thought on “She had a fall

  1. Andrea Lembach

    So rough :-(. I know how you feel. I often avoid taking our little lady to big events…it doesn’t end up being fun for either one of us. The alternative that works well for us is for me to invite friends and family over often. That way she is comfy in her environment and I get the social outlet that I need. Hugs my friend.


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