One more makes Nine

This past week has been excessively busy and overwhelming it’s very hard for me to find the time to blog, I have a lot to write about but time has become my enemy.

I have two younger sisters one whom lives just several blocks from me. She is young and lost. I have tried on many occasions to help her but unless she wants to help herself there is really not much any one can do for her. She was recently in a rehab and had instructed that her daughter be placed with a stranger instead of me, it broke my heart; you can read more here.

After several weeks in a rehab she signed herself out and picked up her child. It was immediately that she fell back into her old routine except that this time there were moments of consciousness where she started to realize where her life was taking her. Even after feeling so broken-hearted I pushed my pride aside and reached out to her. I started by taking my niece for the weekends. I had the opportunity to speak to her one day while she was sober and expressed my disappointment in her with her decision to place her daughter with a stranger. I also left my door open to the possibility that I would take my niece at any time. I told her she had a lot of growing up to do and being a good mother is sacrificing your wants for the best for your child. I told her that putting her child in a safe stable environment is not failing as a mother but doing the best for her. I told her how could she raise a child while she is still  trying to grow up herself that sometimes the hardest decisions are the best.

A few days later I got a call from my mother telling me my sister had decided to give me custody of her daughter. As if by the grace of God it all fell into place as if we were piece’s of a puzzle. I called the social worker that evening and he instructed me to file for temporary custody which I did. The following morning I received a call that another social worker that had visited my sister had put in paperwork for child placement which meant that morning DCF was going to take my niece away from my sister. My petition with the court halted the removal thanks to the active social worker and he moved quickly to get my screening done and I had her in my custody by the end of the week.

My sister realized she would be taken from her. She realized she was not healthy or stable enough to raise a child and knew her only chance for being in her child’s life was through me. I commend her for making the right decision. It has really made the process easier for me that my sister is 100% supporting the whole process. I want her to have contact and visit her daughter and I’m hoping that not having her around will help her want to better herself to change for her child. But there is always that chance that may not happen. I will not lose faith in her.

So one more child in my home makes us a household of Nine. Whoa! We have one more girl to balance out the overage of testosterone. It has been five days and they have not been easy. How do you explain to a six-year-old that she cannot live with her mommy. I just tell her she is sick right now and cannot care for her. My niece has a lot of emotional trauma’s to overcome but we will get her through it. I could not live with myself knowing I could have intervened while she was placed with some stranger and possibly never see us again. So here I am once again coming to the rescue of someone I care for. My husband says I’m too caring but that’s just who I am, that’s my curse and my gift I guess.

So now I have seven children! I am absolutely crazy but oh so very happy!


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