And……..They are mobile!

When Sophie was born we were told she would never walk. The first few months in her life were devastating for me thinking my daughter may not survive let alone understand or have mobility but I never lost hope that one day God would bless us with a miracle. As she grew I became more informed about Cri du Chat syndrome I realized alot of the children were mobile it just happened in their own time, it was great to see. As Sophie grew the idea of her walking was not far from my mind but something I did not think we would reach for a while. I never lost hope that she would one day walk but I was not anticipating it would happen soon. As I have learned our children have a mind of their own and will never cease to amaze us.

Just five months ago Sophie took her first steps, it was an amazing heavenly moment. That moment took me back to her birth, the day of her diagnosis and then it was as if her life flashed before my eyes. All her struggles and triumphs had brought us to this glorious day. I feel this immense gratitude for everyone who has shared a part of her life from her doctors and therapists to family and friends because each person has brought something to our journey.

Today…..I want to share with you my amazing daughter WALKING!

My amazing little boy who has brought so much to our lives. Who has helped me appreciate the little things so much more. I watched him hold his head up at just a few weeks old, smile, coo, laugh, rollover, eat food, pull to stand and say his first word before or exactly meeting his milestone. It was bittersweet. We knew he would be the one to ultimately teach his sister how to walk. Maybe not immediately but we knew he would be her motivator, they are so close its beautiful. To my surprise he started walking a week before his first birthday, my amazing little boy! And now there is no stopping him and his sister followed his lead and they are now mobile!  But wait the best part is how he loves to dance and guess who loves to mimic him?! So I share with you some more of my special moments.


2 thoughts on “And……..They are mobile!

  1. Gianna

    You are amazing! 9 people in your family? simply amazing.
    You not only have 7 kids in your house, but you have such a great attitude!


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