Monthly follow-up

I take Sophie to the pediatrician for monthly follow-up’s because her health has always been so critical. As I looked through her medical records I decided to count how many visits she has had since birth and it’s over 100 visits only to the pediatrician, crazy! Imagine if I were to include ENT, Pulmonary, GI, Orthopedic, ophthalmology, Neurologist, Geneticist and Audiology; that would be a very scary number and she is only 3 years old. Compare that to my other children who get check-up  every year and the occasional sick visit.

Sophie has been doing pretty good since the last incident we had not to long ago with nasty bacteria in her nasal cavities. We treated her with meds via her nasal irrigator and started her on vitamin D addition to the DHA, Vitamin B complex, probiotics, Codfish liver oil & Iodine I already give her to help boost her immune system. Today I took her in for her monthly follow up and while I was not expecting her to be sick I was really not expecting the reaction from her doctor. She was soo happy with Sophie’s state of health! Her lungs sound clear despite how horribly congested and wet she sounds, she does have a runny nose but that’s normal for her and the doctor said it’s more allergy related. She is gaining weight!  Sophie now weighs 23.5 lbs, that is huge. The doctor said she  looks healthier overall and the best part is that since we started her on the vitamin D and I started giving her a little extra of her usual vitamins her liver enzymes have started to come down. Now we are just awaiting last weeks culture from the ENT to verify if the bacteria is gone. It’s a relief to see her healthier. 

My niece brought with her a horrible head cold and cough when she moved in. I was so scared Sophie would catch it keeping distance between her and the babies. Guess who caught it? Tristan is a very sickie baby right now. He has a bad head cold and double ear infection, he is miserable! I have not slept for two nights I’m beyond exhausted. This was the first time I took them both to the doctor and Tristan was the sick one. It was weird! But my strong little man is fighting it.

Possibly a sign that’s Sophie’s immune system is starting to change for the better, maybe, I sure do hope so!


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