My little Poopster

This is my little poopster, Tristan. He is the only one of my children which has the gift of pooping all over himself and me at the most inconvenient times.  Well, there really is no good time to make a poopy mess but when you’re not home its the worst. I try to be prepared. I keep a BIG bag of baby wipes in my car,  a trash bin with extra plastic grocery bags to line it,  a roll of paper towels and tissues. I try to always keep the diaper bag with at least two sets of clothes for each of the babies (Sophie & Tristan), lots of wipes diapers, hand sanitizer, drinks, straws, first aid supplies and all sorts of extra stuff. I’m supposed to be prepared, right?

The little poopster suffers from horrible constipation, the problem arose when we started him on baby and table food. Before then he had loose bowels all the time. Not just the kind that filled his diaper it seems he had a gift for making it go up his entire back, yeah, gross I know. Just recently we visited a surgeon after being refered by the GI because they thought his rectum looked to small and this is why they thought he screamed when trying to pass a bowel. Well the surgeon checked and said it was fine. I do see a difference after she checked, it looks like she dilated it a bit. So it was not his rectum but in fact constipation. He was holding his bowels for fear of pain which just made it worse. I changed his diet to include a lot more fiber but we ultimately had to start him on some laxatives to keep it soft enough to avoid pain.

It’s been a while since we have experienced the Little Poopster at work, that was until today. Thanks to the double ear infection and head cold he is on very strong antibiotics which cause….you got it….loose stools.

This morning as I rush (because I’m always running late) to take Ariana to a dr’s appointment I’m pulling up to my parking space just four minutes shy of the appointment time, I open the stroller and start to lift Tristan out of his car seat and what do I find? He was sitting in a pile of, yeah, poop. Not hard or pasty poop, the runny kind a mommy fear’s. It’s all over his legs and clothes I can feel myself starting to sweat. I strip him and try to change his diaper but he decides he is going to try to get up in the process making the diaper fall on the edge of the car inside.  The roll of paper towels is gone, the baby wipes were down to the bottom of the container there were no extra plastic trash bags and somehow there was only a body suit that barely fit him. It was a disaster! But I took care of it, got him clean and changed, cleaned up the van and was in the doctor’s office in less than ten minutes. I don’t know how I pull these miracle’s off but as most mom’s know it’s a gift we just have, we share it amongst mommies.

These are the mommy moments no one tells you about, they SUCK! And I learned my lesson and restocked my van with the necessary supplies for these type of accidents but I can almost guarantee we won’t see the Little Poopster in action again until I’m totally unprepared.

aaahhhhh….the joy’s of motherhood. But he is the cutest Little Poopster!


3 thoughts on “My little Poopster

  1. Jeanne Chavez

    Try giving him a form of psyllium fiber each day. There are flavored powders on the market like Metamucil and many non name brands, capsules and plain whole husk. The trick is to make him drink the whole amount before it turns to gel! I can tell you that if you can get him to take it on a regular basis (like at least once a day) he will have no problems with constipation. Psyllium is much better than the clear fiber products like Benefiber. It has many other benifits too but it does work! Love your comments on being prepared. Most of us have experienced your dilemma in our mommy lifetimes. You make so many good points too! I’m glad you can manage to find the time to blog. They are such a good insite in life as a mother to many kids and a special needs child on top of all of it. Keep up the good work!

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