Momma got a new doo…

After an exhausting and depressing week where I found myself crying and wanting to crawl into a cave more than once. I decided I needed to do something for me, I needed a little pick me up. I’m sick of looking in the mirror and feeling like an old frumpy bag lady soooo…..

I got a new look! I colored my hair black with cooper red highlights, I did it myself because let’s face it I don’t have $150+ to spare on going to a salon. And I treated myself to a new shorter hairdo, $14 for a haircut; I can handle that…no guilt attached.

And tonight I will be heading out for some time without the kids, some much-needed overdue adult time. I deserve to get all dolled up at least once in a while.  And I’m thinking in a few weeks I’ll add some blonde highlights too. I know that daring crazy fun girl is still somewhere inside me.



6 thoughts on “Momma got a new doo…

  1. Beth Sherman Bragel

    Very nice!!! I’ve been thinking myself about going and getting my hair cut shorter!!! And I have a coupon (of course) somewhere in my stash for a free hair cut @ hair cuttery!!! And ever since the girls @ work gave me the wonderful gift of new color, highlights and cut……i’m addicted!!!

  2. queenofchaosmom

    So cute! The color looks like a professional did it! You’re right, you do deserve to do something for yourself.


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