My battle for medical records

I am moving out-of-state and because of Sophie’s extensive medical history I decided I wanted a copy of all her medical records. As our move date is approaching I have requested all of her records and on each of our last visits they have graciously supplied me with a copy of her records.
That is except for the pediatrician’s office “Brito Medical Center”. They want me to pay one dollar per page for 384 pages, they are out of their freaking minds. After calling twice and speaking to the receptionist who supposedly spoke to the office manager and was not able to get her to work with me I decided to speak directly with the office manager at Tristan’s checkup today.  After waiting an hour and a half past my appt time I was already stressed out, not with the doctor they over booked her and she is awesome!
So after the doctor saw us the office manager who is named Maggie came in the room to talk to me. She closed the door and proceeded to ask me what she could help me with. I told her I would like a copy of my daughter’s medical records because I was moving out-of-state but there was no way I could possibly pay what they were asking and she answered by telling me it’s the office policy to charge one dollar per page that she would happily fax her chart over to any new doctor for free. That was when I lost it. I started crying hysterically and asked her if she had children to which she answered yes, so I asked her to step in my shoes for just a moment. I said how would you feel if you were relocating out-of-state and had a disabled child with an extensive medical history and her primary doctor was telling her she had to pay an astronomical amount of money so that she could have a copy of her child’s medical records. To which she responded with silence. I then proceeded to tell her that every other doctor I have seen has given me her records with no hesitation and has been gracious with me. And that for the last three years I have taken my six children to that office including visiting the office sometimes more than three times in a month and have recommended new patients to them. I am not switching doctors, I am leaving the state and what happens if there is a complication in the meantime while I get her set up at her new doctor and something in her records could mean life or death for her. Which she responded that she did in fact have a disabled child “which I believe is a crock of shit”. And started arguing with me that it’s legal to charge that much money for records to which I argued that as a mother her argument with me was unjust and I had no problem looking into the laws on what can be charged for records of a disabled person. Because all the records are kept electronically I even asked to have it all put on a jump drive so no effort or printing had to be done. She then got snappy with me and said “oh so now you don’t want to pay” to which I responded why should I have to pay for My child’s medical records and then I got so angry I started shaking while holding my just vaccinated fourteen month  old. She then said to give her a chance to look at the file and she would call me back.
I put in a call to the ARC and left a message for the legal department. This is beyond ridiculous! The pediatrician we see is not the owner of the office and apparently this office manager is friends with the owner and makes the decisions. I am beyond disgusted in people! I don’t have a problem paying a fee for the records but this wrong. These doctors offices should not be allowed to take advantage of people this way.
So now I am waiting for answers. And after today I have realized that my quality of being nice which I always get complimented on how nice and patient I am is overrated and I need to be a BITCH more often. Catching a bee with honey is in the past!
To be continued………

3 thoughts on “My battle for medical records

  1. queenofchaosmom

    That is so ridiculous, I don’t even know what to say! I have fought this fight before and it is not fun. I did get my fee waived and it was nowhere near that much money. Just because it is legal, doesn’t make it right.

  2. Life's Unexpected Blessings Post author

    I have come to realize “people” do not care. It’s very sad but a truth that I have not wanted to see for a long time. Always looking for the best in everyone hoping to see thier humanity shine through. Thanks for stopping by!

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