BBQ at the park

Before my life became so complicated we used to enjoy a lot of family time. We would have family movie days where we would lounge in our pj’s and watch movies all day long only taking breaks to make nachos and ice cream sundae’s. We would grill and spend the day in the pool, spend the afternoon playing board games or have a big picnic or barbecue at the park.  The last few years have thrown our lives upside down and we are still struggling to find our way back. Losing our financial stability an almost divorce, surviving my mother in law and the birth of our special child has been a lot for us to overcome, especially me. But, I am trying to get it all back on track and so I decided we needed to start our family day tradition once again. We had a barbecue at the park this past Sunday, we played on the playground, played kickball and just enjoyed each other’s company. The preparation for any outing with a family this size is stressful in itself but was well worth it. Too see Sophie walking almost running on the grass after being told she would never walk is priceless!


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