Prayers for Maddy

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world , add being a mom to a child with special needs and super human strength and emotion are required to survive it. Then throw in health complications to that equation and forget it, it’s like the world just dumped all it’s shit on top of you and you can’t find your way out. I know that feeling all too well. My child with special needs happens to be one of those sickly children. It’s beyond terrifying, you feel incompetent because there is nothing you can do. I have been at death’s door with her and I tell you it is the scariest and most painful feeling you could ever experience, something I would not wish upon my worst enemy. But prayer has been our saving grace. Sophie has been spared more than once against the odds after her prayer chains were started. So today I ask for prayers. Not for Sophie but for Maddy.

Maddy is an amazing 13 month old angel born with Cri du Chat Syndrome. She has been fighting sickness for more than half her life and today she needs our prayers. Her mother is in need of strength to get her through these difficult times. I call to you now and ask that you pray for Maddy and her family. God listens to us all, I have seen his miracles in my own Child with CDC. The more we call out to him and send love and strength to this family the faster he will answer.

PLEASE take a moment to pray for this family that God grant Maddy health and strength to over come this sickness. That he may shine his light upon her and her family. May the Lord grant her family strength and comfort in these difficult times. That they may feel his presence and know that they are not alone

Please take a moment to pray and share this prayer for one of God’s little angels. Let our voices be heard!

And even if your beliefs are different from mine and prayer is not your practice positive thoughts are also welcomed!


6 thoughts on “Prayers for Maddy

  1. queenofchaosmom

    I immediately said a prayer. I hope and pray that this sweet baby overcomes this sickness. I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers. I have seen prayer work. “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

  2. pamela skaggs

    Your loving writings have touched me so deeply…all the support and prayers for my dearest grand baby Maddy, keep me buoyed. Thank you so very much.xxxooo, grammie.

  3. Angie Larive

    Princess Maddy is a precious angel that our family met while in the NICU with our preemie lil man Hunter.Maddys family mom Laura grandma and grandpa were our families support and cheerleader they are a a wonderful part of our NICU family and it continues as we continue at home..prayers. And luv Always surround Maddy and her family for strength and wellness….hugs and kisses princess!!!!!! Hugs mama


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