Happy Father’s Day!

My husband Felix and I met almost 18 years ago I never thought we would be where we are today. He wanted no children at all and I wanted at least six. After our first child Arturo arrived by surprise sixteen years ago he reshaped our lives more than we could have ever imagined. My husband became a father in all sense of the word. After that the rest is history!

On this day I want to tell him, thank you!

Thank you, for being there every step of the way.

Thank you, for loving your children more than life itself.

Thank you, for seeing your special daughter for who she really is and loving her unconditionally.

Thank you, for being such a hands on dad.

Thank you, for laughing and being a kid with your kids even when I wish you would grow up.

Thank you, for coming home and cleaning the house even after an exhausting day at work.

Thank you, for letting me sleep and caring for our children in the middle of the night and sometimes giving up sleep altogether so I won’t go insane.

Thank you, for supporting my decision and agreeing to help me raise my niece.

Thank you, for keeping your cool when I have my brief moments of insanity. You know I always find my way back.

Thank you, for being you a proud pappa! I love you, no one get’s me like you do…Happy Father’s Day!!

Daddy and Arturo Baby #1 Born 1995

Daddy and Emily Baby #2 Born 1998

Daddy and Gabriel Baby #3 Born 2000

Daddy and Elyas Baby #4 Born 2006

Daddy and Sophie Baby #5 Born 2009

Daddy and Tristan Baby #6 Born 2011


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