The hardest goodbyes

When Sophie was about seven months old our pediatrician of over ten years Dr Ambrose Soler closed up shop, literally. He just closed up and left with no notice; he apparently had some personal issues. I don’t hold that against him he was a great doctor to my children. He gave me direction when I was lost. He told me I needed to stay home with Sophie because I was her greatest chance for survival, he guided me to get her into early intervention and was kind and hopeful. But when he left I felt lost, if not for my back up pediatrician Dr. Lourdes Nieves I don’t know what I would have done.

I remember our first visit with doctor Nieves. She was so kind and supportive, she did not rush and with detail took the time to go over Sophie’s entire medical history. She then comforted my lost soul and told me that only God knows how far my child would go. She told me never to tolerate someone who would set limits to who my child would become or what she may accomplish. I knew right then I would love her always! I had just had a negative experience with a neurologist and Dr. Nieves gave me the strength move forward and never allow it again.

She gave my children the most amazing care. She always took her time, she listened and truly helped me do the best that I could do to care for my precious little girl. She believed in me and always reassured me I was doing the best humanly possible. She listened to me and comforted me when I would have emotional breakdowns on our visits. She also reminded me that I was doing the best I could but ultimately when God was ready to take his angel back he would despite our best efforts. As hard as was to hear, I needed to hear it. She never turned my daughter away despite having two waiting rooms full of patients and was involved communicating with her other doctors and when she was hospitalized. I only have wonderful things to say about her. Last week while making a quick stop with Tristan for some blood work Dr. Nieves and her staff had this waiting for me in the office.

Brito Medical Center care package

They put together a care package with goodies for the kids and coloring books for our long drive to North Carolina with a card wishing us the best in our new home! How thoughtful was that?…

Today was our last visit with Dr Nieves before our move out of Florida, it was a difficult goodbye of many to come. She was not just Sophie’s doctor or the family pediatrician she is a part of our family. I may not have had the greatest support system with family but I am fortunate enough to have experienced the kind of unconditional love and support for my child and myself from someone who in an instant without history became part of our lives. How do you say thank you or goodbye to someone who gave you something priceless, your child’s life.  How do you walk away without telling them how much they mean to you and how much you will always love them. This is how I did. Last night I made a big batch of homemade chocolate chip bread pudding for the office staff and gave them a card thanking them for their gift and support.

And this was for the doctor. Of course I framed it so she could keep it on her desk and I have to say the visit was not without tears on both sides. Nothing I could buy her would ever be enough so I decided I would write to her. I wrote this poem/letter just for her and with our final goodbyes she got to see our Sophie walking, her emotion was just as strong as mine full of so much pride for our girl who has come such a long way!

A Poem for Doctor Nieves

Dr. Nieves and Sophie 6/19/2012

We love you Dr. Nieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never forget everything you have done for me and my family.

God Bless you!!! 



3 thoughts on “The hardest goodbyes

  1. Leonor Mosqueda

    Damn this was touching to hear…. good luck girlie in your new endevours with your family… Wishing you the best and always good to hear how Good Doctors still exist…. that is awesome and with me in the medical field they are like a needle in the haystack… May GOD continue to send you many blessings….

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