Tired of set backs..

Today should have been my moving day, I’m totally bummed that we had yet another set back that threw our plans right out the window.

This house is like a dark lingering cloud that hangs over me and I cannot escape it. From the moment I bought it my life has just spiraled out of control and now to get rid of it has become a nightmare. I follow through will all the banks requirements and they take their sweet time. The don’t process paperwork correctly and then who pays the price, little ole me. Months pass and we wait and wait and wait and when we finally start to see a light at the end of the tunnel and it feels like we are finally coming to the end of this nightmare another complication arises and here we are yet again at the Mercy of Bank of America. Bank of America who is totally unorganized, who’s customer service sucks beyond belief and there procedures do not make one ounce of sense.

It should be as easy as expediting the file since we already had a scheduled closing date but nooo……why make it easy it’s just a job for them. For me, it’s my life! For my family it’s the next chapter in our lives we are desperately awaiting to begin. It’s all the stuff I still have to get done before the actual move that I have no way of getting done because I have no idea when it’s all going to happen. It’s the attitude from everyone because this process has taken so long and has been so complicating as if it was my fault. I can guarantee I want this done and over with more than anyone on this planet!

And to make my stressful situation worse I get a notice from the court stating I have to file another notice for trial regarding my nieces custody hearing because I did not submit certain documentation, seriously! So I get in contact with the case manager because I know I filed it all and he said I don’t know why they sent you that we have what we need in the system but now they won’t review your case until you file the notice for trial, seriously!! How does that even happen? I guess they don’t really read the files now this is ridiculous. As if I have time to just run down to the court-house just because they made a mistake. Our system really needs to be fixed!  I have always had such good faith in people but I have to say lately, I don’t. It seems like every time I’m caught up, organized and having some good luck for a change in a split second it all starts falling apart with one set back after another. So over it all!!


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