Good News

I had a tough morning yesterday feeling really bummed about the complications with our short-sale and the delay in our move. Sophie had a rough day yesterday too, sensory days tend to wear on you. I realized I let my frustration get the better of me and was a bit of a hormonal bitch for most of the day. So I blogged, let it go and got it out of my system. I prayed yet again for some guidance and was able to get through the day. Just when I was least expecting it I received an email with the first set of documents we were desperately waiting for. Answered prayers or coincidence?

This morning on a Saturday, I woke up to an early call from the negotiator working on the other half of the documents. To my surprise she wanted to reassure me that everything was submitted and we should have everything we need on Monday. Again, answered prayers? possibly…. Or maybe she just understood and sympathized with my situation when I talked to her over a week ago. Either way I appreciate it more than she will ever know. I guess God has a way of renewing my faith in people when I need it most.

Good news is GREAT. I now have some direction and can begin our preparation for relocation next weekend! Finger’s crossed and a lot of faith that this week is smooth and successful.


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