The Move

It took a good two years to convenience my husband that we should leave Florida, it was not easy. The harsh reality that our daughter is too sick to place her in school and that me going back into the work field at this point in our lives was not going to happen he had no choice but to look into other options. The limited resources Florida has for disabled individuals is getting worse, pretty soon there won’t be much if anything left for children like my daughter. The cost of living is also ridiculous along with the recent extreme hike in crime left us with no other choice. First we thought Ohio would be a good place but my husband changed his mind so we moved on to New Jersey but that was even harder for my husband to swallow until our search directed us to North Carolina. We took a trip up to get a feel for the community and loved it. So North Carolina was where we decided would be a great place for a fresh start.

Just hours after we closed on our shortsale on a Tuesday my husband left with Gabriel on a mission to find a rental property and get all the utilities connected and be back by Thursday, he made it back that night around 9pm. It was just in time to help me pack a few more boxes and wake up at the crack of dawn the next day to run a lot of errands followed by the loading of the twenty-six foot truck we rented for our move.  It was a crazy week but I am thankful I had Gabbi (my friend Jacqui’s daughter) and Gabriella (a cousin) both teens over to help almost all week.

We started to load the truck with the help of my son’s friend Ricky. Gabbi and Gabriella were getting the kitchen finished up for me because of course I had not finished packing and aunt Priscilla came over to help with the babies. My husband kept complaining that the truck was too big, how I managed to fit all of our stuff into an 1100sf house was a miracle. So he  loaded half of the truck and I had to go in and reorganize it to get it all to fit. When the truck was about 75% loaded he came to me with this panicked look and said “I did not realize we had so much stuff, I don’t think it’s going to fit” but it did in the end.

Our friends and family started to arrive to say goodbye in the early afternoon. My grandmother stopped by first saying goodbye to her was harder than I thought, she is 76 years old and is the woman who raised me; she hugged me so tight I could barely breathe and I could not hold back the tears. One of my aunt’s was with her and although we are no longer close it hurt to say goodbye. My friends Beth and Griselle swung by for a final farewell. My cousin Maribel showed up and my best friend Jacqui came by with pizza and some much-needed beer and helped me with the babies until late. My dear and closest friend Glenna came by to see us off  and give me one last hug. My aunt Brigette, my mother, sister, my cousin Giovanni and his wife Brandi and even my neighbor Elisa who for some reason I cannot even remember we became distant after being so close came by and we hugged and cried together. My husband’s uncle Tony and his family came by stayed late and helped us finish loading the truck. It was sad and very hard to say goodbye to all of our loved ones. Earlier in the week I saw my brother and saying goodbye was just too hard for me. This was the hardest part of the whole process for all of us.

We made it to bed around 1am and were on the highway at 5am, I was so paranoid the whole drive up. My husband is experienced at driving big trucks but this truck was so high off the ground and it just looked like it was going to turn over, yeah I know I’m overly dramatic but my boys were in the truck too. Sophie had a rough few hours and Emily helped but was in and out of sleep episodes because she suffers from severe car sickness and the Dramamine made her sleepy. We were on the road for twelve hours including being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for almost two hours.  But we made it to our new home safe, we arrived at 5pm.

We made it HOME safe!


Our new home where we are starting the next chapter in our lives together!


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