You only turn 33 once and I just did three days ago. I used to get all fancied up and go dancing which has always been my passion but since Sophie’s birth things have changed. I have not really celebrated it in a while. I remember on my 26th birthday after having lost over 60 lbs I bought a super bright red outfit complete with a Tiara to celebrate my special night and boy did I have fun!

26th Birthday

Hard to believe that was seven years ago already. But that girl you see in the picture that’s still me. I mean I may not look the same but it sure is the way I feel. Growing up with low self-esteem made it even more special each time I was able to look at myself and feel good about how I looked especially after having had three children. I have always been afraid of growing old. My mother is only 53 but because of her addictions and neglect she looks more like 65 that has really made me scared of aging. But lately, my perception of life has changed. I am not a size 8 anymore and yet I still am able to accept myself and feel good about myself. I have decided that I want to age gracefully. My age is my spiritual trophy. It’s one more year I am still alive. One more year I have grown as a human being. I do not fear it what I do fear is looking back one day and not feeling like I have fulfilled what I wanted in life. So far though I don’t think I will have any regrets.

So I celebrated my 33rd birthday at home with no extravagant celebration in my pajamas with a yummy dinner cooked by my daughter. With a wonderful cake my kids baked me along with a candle on the phone because I could not find some; I realized how happy I was to be entering this 33rd year of my life with my family. I am 33 years young and proud of how far I have come and all that I have been able to overcome. Now if that’s not a good way to begin another year of life than I don’t know what is.

Birthday Dinner

33 Years YOUNG!!!

Oh and I had to share this picture that is just too cute to pass up. Sophie still does not like the happy birthday song, after they sang it to me this is how she reacted.

Incase I have not told you she is a professional pouter.



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