Just can’t escape it

It seems like we can’t get through a day without coughing which causes vomiting combined with aspiration or reflux which also causes aspiration. My poor girl just can’t catch a break. She lost two pounds a couple of weeks ago because she was sick and not eating and in the last few days has regained her appetite but now thanks to all the phlegm she is vomiting, ALOT! And usually right after a feeding.

It’s frustrating for all of us! I can only imagine how much it hurts her to have all that gunk come up combined with her not being able to catch her breath right after if I don’t suction her fast enough. I really want it to stop. It’s not fair she just can’t get past all these damn complications. Lately it’s making me mad, I have had enough already. Although this has become my normal it does not mean I’m ok with it, the truth is I have no choice in the matter.

The phlegmy congestion in her chest was very minimal this past weekend and I allowed her to get into the pool with her daddy and she woke up the next day sounding horrible and still sounds horrible today. It’s not fair! I cannot keep her in a glass box her entire life, she has the right to experience life. But what happens when every time you make the decision to give her some freedom to do stuff with all the other kids and each time it has a negative affect on her physically. Do you shelter your child away from the world? Or allow them a little piece of life? Especially when it’s their favorite thing in the whole world.

The truth is I just can’t escape it. It’s like everything circles back to respiratory, feeding, reflux, aspirating and sinus issues. Even a little exposure to a park will end in a negative affect on her health.

I just want to escape it all.


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