What made me happy this week

Encourage by my friend and fellow blogger at elastamom.com  I decided I wanted to join in the fun to help me re-evaluate my week and be thankful for the things that have made me happy. I’m joining her in Happy this week and will hopefully continue on as Friday’s posts.

This week I am happy for…..

The health of my family.

Sophie starting to put on weight after losing two lbs just days before we left Florida. Her face is round again and I love to see her filling out.

The new home we are living in. It’s spacious all the kids love it are happy. And we have carpet which means no more head injuries for Sophie!

Everyone adjusting nicely to the relocation so far.

Our amazing friends Barbara and Ron who live on the same street just a few houses down. And I get to spend time with their Emma who is also 3 and has CDC too. They have really made us feel welcome and helped us feel at home. And watching Emma’s progress is really inspiring for me not to mention seeing our girls together is so wonderful.

My husband getting a job, he starts next week!

Southern Hospitality, it really is an amazing feeling to actually have people treat you with kindness, respect and are genuinely helpful. So far here in NC the process for services has been pleasant which I am not accostomed too. But I like it!

Living away from the city! Yes, that’s right, I am absolutely enjoying the quiet. Not hearing police and ambulance sirens or vehicles with booming music constantly has really helped me stay relaxed.

So, what made you happy this week?


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